Useful Information You Can Use

Whether we are new to Menlo Oaks or have lived here for many years, it’s important that we all have ways to reach people and resources when we need them. What follows is a handy list of contacts for you.

We try to provide up to date information for you, but we may not always be on top of changes in the information we have provided; so, we suggest you go through these important contacts regularly. If you have changes or other resources neighbors can use, please let us know.

Important Phone Numbers—Police & Red Cross
San Mateo County Officials & Services
California Highway Patrol—Report Speeders
Recommended Services For Residents

Police & Red Cross

Atherton 323-6131
Burlingame 692-0310
Foster City 753-3333
Menlo Park 325-4424
San Carlos 592-2222
E. Palo Alto 321-1112
Hillsborough 759-3818
SFO 876-2323
Belmont 595-7400
Sheriff 363-4911
EMS 364-1313
Fire 368-1421

Red Cross                688-0415

San Mateo County 

County Supervisor, Don Horsley
Phone: 650-363-4569

County Mosquito Abatement Department (MAD)
The County will remove yellow jacket nest for free. MAD will also provide mosquito fish for your ponds.
Phone: 650-344-8592

Learn more! Abatement Department

California Highway Patrol—Report Speeders

The CHP serves Menlo Oaks; so, take down the license plate number or the make and/or model of the car or truck with time of day of repeat offenders, then contact the CHP at 369-6267

Recommended Services For Residents

Help With Bees
Please spread the word if you have new neighbors who haven’t lived in Menlo Oaks in spring — bee season is arriving and it’s important to keep honeybees safe since their numbers are dwindling and California depends on them for honey and crop pollination.

Honeybees swarm when the colony has outgrown its current nest.  The queen and about half the bees will swarm suddenly and cluster in a bush or tree for a few days on their way to find a new place to nest.  The bees have gorged themselves on honey to prepare for the move, so they are not aggressive and usually can’t sting.

Whether you have a swarm or you want to remove honey bees from your yard, you can find a local beekeeper to come out and collect the swarm for free.  Here are three suggestions for people to contact:

Elizabeth Newell  650-269-9208

Bryan Hains        650-250-4787

Aiden Wing         650-862-8322

Handy Man
From fences to replacing windows
Cesar Castillo
Tel: (650) 366-2533
Cell: (650) 776-4067

Tree Arborist/Tree Care
Arborwell Professional Tree Management
Matt Fournier

Reduce Junk Mail
For more information about reducing junk mail, visit the Recycle Works website at