Menlo Oaks Road Conditions

The MODA Roads Committee met with San Mateo County officials in May, and later the group walked the streets of Menlo Oaks to look at street conditions. A wide range of maintenance, repair, and replacement options relevant to the road conditions in the neighborhood are available—in particular, options that would not enlarge the existing footprint or substantially threaten the easement were discussed. MODA also learned that any work related to road conditions could be subject to uncertain county budgets and prolonged timelines.

The County determined that a process referred to as “chip seal micro-surfacing” would be the appropriate maintenance treatment for the existing roads, as it would not disrupt the current width, easements, or trees. This would also help slow street traffic. The San Mateo County Public Works Department could begin planning for this maintenance on a street-by-street basis starting with a single road within Menlo Oaks in the second half of 2022.

Since the DPW budget for 2021 has been allocated, next steps are to meet further with the County and to get on the County’s schedule for road repairs in 2022. In between then, the Board will send more specific information and its recommendations on the best solutions to Menlo Oaks residents for feedback, after which work on the roads could be scheduled. If you have thoughts or concerns about road treatment options, please contact us.

Download Chart of Road Treatment Options.

Other Issues Under Discussion With The County

The MODA Board is also discussing the Safe Routes To School initiative with County Supervisor Don Horsley, the Department of Public Works, and various MODA residents. The issue revolves around stretches of Coleman and Ringwood managed by the County and the City of Menlo park. Interest in improvements is sparked by several bike, pedestrian and car accidents occurring at that intersection over the past several years. The Board is also discussing drainage issues on certain streets and at street corners.

If you have thoughts or concerns about any of these issues, please contact us.