MODA Annual Dues

Association Dues
Back in the 70s, when MODA was founded, dues were set at 50 cents. They were increased from $20 to $25 by a vote held in November at the 2018 Annual Meeting.
MODA can’t require, but does ask, each household in the neighborhood to pay dues of $25.00. Many pay dues at the Annual Picnic.
Here’s What Your Dues Pay For
This small contribution enables MODA to:
  • Produce and mail neighborhood newsletters three times a year.
  • Produce a neighborhood directory every February.
  • Sponsor the Annual Meeting in the fall of each year.
  • Print flyers and signs about events of importance to the neighborhood.
  • Hold the Neighborhood Picnic in June each year.
  • Host a website.
When Are Dues Due?
Annual dues should be paid by the start of our fiscal year, October 1st. You will receive a notice in the summer newsletter and can pay dues at the annual picnic by check made out to MODA, or you can send your check to:
 President/Treasurer Stephen Huhn, 701 Berkeley, Menlo Park, CA 94026