Board Of Directors

Current board members are listed below.

Jim Bird
Brent Brown
Nick Grudin
Kay Hitch
Judy Horst
Stephen Huhn
Remona Murray
Karr Narula
Celine Sanie
Mitch Tuchman

Our new fiscal year starts on October 1st each year. The $25 annual membership dues enable MODA to produce and mail the newsletter and the directory, host the web site, print flyers and signs and sponsor the picnic when possible. For your convenience, dues can be paid online at, or by check mailed to:

MODA Treasurer
Remona Murray
P.O. Box 906
Menlo Park, CA. 94026

MODA’s Board of Directors meets monthly to review issues brought forth by residents or to discuss ways to improve services to Menlo Oaks homeowners. It also manages various Menlo Oaks-wide events held throughout the year.