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Join Us Saturday, September 15th For The

First Annual Menlo Oaks Neighborhood Yard Sale

9:00 am – 1:00 pm

Gather up all of your books, CDs, TVs, clothing, furniture, tools, picture frames, plants, pots & pans and more! Now’s the time to find new homes for them.  The yard sale will be advertised and promoted locally by the Menlo Oaks District Association (MODA).

Each neighbor puts things out in his or her driveway closer to the street so people can stop by and take a look.  The plan is for neighbors to have their own yard sale or to gather with others on the block. You can sell things, give them away, create potted plants to sell, or sell things you do for a hobby--anything else you'd like to put out is fine.  Lemonade stands or baked goods?  Great all the shoppers will be hunger!

If you have questions or want a free sign to let people know you are participating and open for business, please contact one of our board members at 650-327-5207.



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