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Some interesting events in the history of Menlo Oaks:

1769 Menlo Oaks was part of the 32,240-acre Rancho De Las Pulgas land grant made by the king of Spain.
1882 The Coleman mansion was built at a cost of $100,000 on a 165-acre parcel by Maria Coleman for her son James and his wife Carmelita.
1905 The mansion and 150-acre Menlo Oaks tract was sold by James Coleman to Livingston Jenks for subdivision.
1925 Peninsula School was founded by a group that included Frank and Josephine Duveneck. They rented the mansion and 10 acres for $100 a month.
1976 Voters approve the move of Menlo Oaks from the Ravenswood School District to the Menlo Park School District. The Ravenswood School District later sued the neighborhood in an attempt to move it back.
1978 In an attempt to reduce Coleman Avenue traffic, a barricade across Coleman Avenue was installed. It was soon removed.
1994 Menlo Oaks became smaller by four acres when land owned by St. Patrick's Seminary south of Arlington Way was annexed to Menlo Park.
1994 At the request of residents, the Coleman Avenue traffic circles were installed during the county's repaving of Coleman Avenue.

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