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Minor Street Improvements on Coleman


  1. Many Homeowner’s on All Menlo Oaks District Roads of are in violation right-of-way rules in their Easements.
  2. Upon Purchasing properties people are unaware of the need for permits and easement rules.
    In the past County has only enforced easement rules on street corners when line-of-sight has been reduces. The homeowner is notified and given the chose to clean up the corner on their own. If they do not the County will trim back brush in the line-of-sight only.
  3. Of the 8 SMC Districts only Clipper Ridge, El Granada, & Sequioa Tract have Sidewalks
  4. Coleman has a higher volume of traffic than other MOD Streets but not higher speeds.
  5. The County’s plan is conceptual. The SMC Public Works Survey may limited to definition given of Project.
  6. Project evolved at each meeting.
    - 1st involved non paved surface with raised divider
    - 2nd involved TBD surface with raised divider
    - Survey paved surface with white line

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